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Trading Simplified

Market Oracle Pro

Our flagship toolkit takes the classics and puts a spin on them. Our trend based signals aim to provide the earliest indications of a market changing direction. Filled with cutting edge assistant indicators and state of the art tools; these indicators are designed to simplify your charts.

Market Dynamics pro

Market Dynamics Pro takes traders back to the basics. Putting a key emphasis on market structure, our sleek indicators identify major market patterns, order blocks and analyze volume to help a trader identify significant levels in the market.

Prime Oscillator Pro

For the momentum, divergence and reversal traders; this toolkit provides two main oscillator modes. These make excellent assistants to our other toolkits and help traders identify momentum shifts early and add confluence to any trading setup.

What our Community has been Saying

These indicators rock giving you a definite edge on the markets. Take a bit of time to follow classes and be part of this great community and you will probably be a better trader for sure. Love this indicator and community. Best around.


I am still new to Chart Prime but I can already tell right out of the gate that these indicators give me a lot more confidence in getting into better trades based off their more accurate signals and that is saying a lot because I come from a few years of LuxAlgo experience. I am definitely glad I made the switch. And… their support in helping me succeed with their indicators blows my mind! They are so quick to respond as well as the community within their Discord!! Definitely need to check these guys out for sure!! You will be glad you did.

Amy Garcia

Im in Seoul, S.Korea. Its totally working well abroad. Apart from chart prime product itself, this guys are very kind and supportive. And their discord channel recommendation was  successful and fun.

Joon Choi

Hey guys I think what you guys have going on is awesome, I started early on with you guys having an awesome product and you have come along way, I love the fact that you take the time to teach how to use the indicators and some strategies on every Live Class, it has helped me up to get started so fast and develop my own style. Some of my favorite tools are the the chart patterns detection system the support and resistance bundle and the reversal mode. Evey time I look back you guys have added or improved something, really happy with the product and service.


I joined the Chart Prime group on the 25th of August, It's a fantastic experience for me to use their indicators. Before, I always depended on someone else's signal, and then I could trade, but when I started Chart Prime Suite and learned a proper trade setup strategy, I can now take trades independently and confidently. I thank their support team member, who taught me proper trading.


It has only been a week since I started using Chart Prime suite, my understanding is that it is very powerful and can be used just to begin your or be a pro at it. But nevertheless you can fully customize it making your own strategic entries and exits... there's a lot of room for experiments that we can do and it is not like copy a strategy and keep at it...  especially the team is extremely helpful and encouraging in that terms... @Army Piper @OCguy are both cool, even if you're asking the dumbest doubts... they keep a cool attitude ensuring no doubt is too small


Great development and support team. I don't have a long trading career and experience, but have found strengths in this indicator.
Also need to learn from the team @OCguy @Army Piper and you!Hey...Nice to have class with you yesterday!🔥

Christopher Kuchta

I thought I would post a follow up to my first testimonial I made just a little over a month ago to share with anyone who is considering joining Chart Prime. I can already say without a doubt that I found a great company who backs up their indicators with real results. I am still greatly impressed with their customer service they offer and the one on one “free” training they provide to help you improve your trading skills. I’m so grateful I came across this company and their indicators and their training! I love what this company is all about and they have greatly improved my trading profitability!!

Andy M

Strong uptrend predicted plus over sold condition in the market oscillator... easiest 300% of my life on SPY .... This is an amazing tool and is so powerful when using multi indicators for confirmation  ... Love you guys for this ❤️

Xavier Horn

If you still have the slightest hesitation in joining one of the fastest, most supportive and full of perks communities out there that provides you with the tools and knowledge needed to be successful i dont know what you are waiting for! Make the decision and don't look back. Life is full of choices and this is one you wont regret!!! Thank you ChartPrime Family!!

Bernie smith

I joined back in December and CP helped  win more trades the S/R is on point and what you get for the for the money is on real….I was told the first day “ I will not give you a fish to eat for one day I will show you how to fish so you will not be hungry”” that for me meant a lot.. along with the profits I gain every day

Christopher Kuchta

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Your Plan Includes :

Chart Prime Market Oracle

Chart Prime Oscilator

Pattern Detection Algorithm

Peak Seeker

New high quality indicators and features added to your trading suite on a consistent basis

All Indicators Included

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How It Works


Create a free TradingView profile
TradingView is the Platfrom the hosts our Trading signals.

Sign up for a free account Here. TradingView´s Basic plan is free of charge and our indicators work with all plans. (If you already have a TradingView account Go to step 2.)


Order the Chart Prime Trading suite
Choose from monthly quarterly or Yearly subscriptions.  

Our trading suite is an ALL-IN-ONE package so you will have access to all of our premium indicators with whichever type of subscription you choose. After signing up, you will receive an email with a link to connect your discord and tradingview username to our system.


Get access to our Indicators
Wait 15 minutes after linking your accounts, then vising the TradingView charting page. Click "indicators" at the top, or the f(x) icon on mobile, and you will find the indicators under, "invite-only scripts". Contact support in discord if you do not have access after 15 minutes.


Is there a Discount?
Yes! Currently we are running a 30% of discount code. Click this link: https://hubs.la/Q01X3SpL0 to have the discount automatically be applied at check out
How do the indicators work?
To give you a better understanding of how each indicator works, we recommend checking out our tutorial videos, which are available on our Tutorials page. These videos provide in-depth explanations of how each indicator functions and how it is used. You can easily access our Tutorials page by visiting our website and clicking on the Tutorials tab. We hope that our tutorial videos will be helpful in improving your understanding of our indicators.
How can I access the indicators?
After subscribing to any of our plans, we always send an email to our customers with a link to their Connect page. This page allows you to connect your Discord and TradingView accounts, which in turn gives you access to our indicators on TradingView and services on our Discord server. If you haven't received the email or need any assistance with connecting your accounts, please let us know and we'll be happy to help you out.
Does this work on Stock market?
Our indicators are designed to work on a variety of markets, including the global stock market and other markets that can be found on TradingView. This means that you can use our indicators to analyze and trade a wide range of financial instruments and assets, beyond just the stock market. Our indicators are flexible and can be adapted to suit different trading strategies and styles, so you can use them to trade on the markets that you prefer.
Is there a free trial?
At the moment, we do not offer a free trial of our indicators. We understand that it can take time to learn and evaluate new indicators, and a free trial period may not be sufficient for this process. We believe that our indicators offer substantial value to our members, and we would hate for them to miss out on the opportunity to see the full potential of our indicators during a limited free trial period. That being said, we strive to provide our members with exceptional customer support and educational resources to help them make informed decisions about our products.
Where can I join the Live classes?
We offer Live tutorial classes every Monday and Friday on our Discord server to help our members get the most out of our indicators. To join these classes, you will need to connect your Discord account from the Connect page. An email with a link to your Connect page was sent to you after you subscribed to one of our plans. Once you have connected your Discord account, you will have access to all of our Live tutorial classes, as well as other exclusive features and services on our Discord server. We hope to see you at one of our upcoming classes!
Is it possible to succeed in every trade with chart prime
No indicator, algorithm, system, or approach can assure you the ability to accurately predict market movements with complete certainty.We are a reputable supplier of both free and paid indicators. However, the premium indicators alone cannot ensure profitability or improve your trading or investing skills.We advise against relying solely on any indicator. Trading carries inherent risks, with the majority of day traders experiencing losses, and past success does not guarantee future outcomes.
What markets does Chart Prime work on?
Chart Prime indicators are compatible with any market accessible on TradingView, including stocks, cryptocurrencies, forex, futures, and commodities, The resources we offer can cater to various trading styles (such as scalping, swing trading, investing, etc.) Giving all traders an uncanny edge in the markets.

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