The Team


Co-Founder / CEO

A serial entrepreneur, veteran trader, and cryptocurrency advocate. From Launching a successful night club, to starting his own estate liquidation company, all of Alex’s business endeavors have resulted in incredible success stories. However, his previous projects did not hit as close to home as Chart Prime does. Being well versed in trading assets across all markets, he has hit the ground running and the sky is the limit.


Co-Founder / Pinescript Developer

A programming prodigy who started learning to code only 4 years ago when he started his first business selling trading indicators. Today he is the number 1 rated on Upwork in the world for TradingView and pine script programming. Jacob exercises his proficiency in both pine script and python in Jacob’s role as Chart Prime’s system operations, Product development and design manager.



An entrepreneur focused on Digital Marketing Strategy, MarTech, and custom development. Korey teamed up with Alex Fernandez in Chart Prime's infancy to create the brand and marketing technology to support it. Considering the indicator landscape and available marketing channels, his focus is to bring awareness of the real differentiators of Chart Prime among its competitors. Korey finds his trading niche in Bio-Pharma and technology stocks.

Alex Friend (Gecko)

Technology and Brand Alignment

Alex has a degree in computer science from the University Of Nottingham where he studied for 4 years. He worked briefly with electronic warfare systems in the UK and then went on to found the largest technical indicator company globally. He now proudly works with Chartprime assisting in  the design their products  along with brand alignment.

Jesse Sanford

Pinescript Developer

Jesse Sanford a self-taught pine coder with over three years of experience and a former audio engineer for 10 years. His love for computers, programming, and quantitative trading led him to dive deep into finance and time series. Jesse's unique background gives him a distinct advantage in the world of finance and developing trading indicators for Chart Prime.

Tamer Zaki

Pine script Developer

Tamer is based out of egypt and brings over 15 years of programming expertise to our team. His strong proficiency in Pinescript makes  him an invaluable asset to the ChartPrime team. Tamer specializes in integrating machine learning, Python, bots, and mathematical models into our systems, enhancing ChartPrime products accross the board. With a track record of success, he has developed products that are trusted by over 100,000 users, highlighting his dedication to quality and innovation.


Head of Customer Support and Education

Former crypto miner, architect, and full-time crypto trader who specializes in mid/long term asset analysis and strategy development. With Over 7 years of experience in software training Luis is currently a Chart Prime instructor. Luis has found a very fluent and exciting way to deploy his skill set in the analytics of strategy application and Chart Prime education.


Strategic Partnerships

A relationship builder at heart, and trading enthusiast, Mark was brought into Chart Prime for those exact qualities. Mark builds and maintains partnerships with thought leaders in markets and channels that can bring Chart Prime to their audiences.